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Master of Ceremonies

Why choose a professional MC over a friend?

About 20% of what an MC does is on the microphone, the rest is months of planning, liaising with vendors and ensuring the smooth running of your reception.  It's hard work and relying on a friend or a family member  who may well be "a great public speaker" can backfire.  So don't burden your friend with a complex job they are unqualified for and making them work on the night.  Choose an expert, choose a professional, choose Lisa Laker Marriage Maker's MC services.  

We incorporated a 'Traditional Thai Tea Ceremony' for Quynh and Sam's reception where they were gifted jewellery or money from Quynh's parents and siblings.  See photo below. 

Comment from Quynh: "Thank you so much for everything Lisa!  You did such a great job making sure things ran on schedule at our reception - I definitely had too many drinks to make sure all the formalities were done!  Love your work!"  

A professional Master of Ceremonies

  • Lisa starts the planning for your reception as soon as your ceremony details have been finalised.  She makes contact with the venue coordinators and ensures they know she is the point of contact for the reception runnings.

  • Because she is your Celebrant she will guide your guests with lighthearted clear instructions from the ceremony space, in the interim and into the reception area where she will announce your bridal party's entrance and your introduction as the newly married couple. 

  •  As your MC Lisa is 100% focused on keeping to the time schedule and communicating with the vendors and chosen speakers throughout the night. For example, it's important your photographer is ready to capture the cutting of the cake and just as important is that everyone has a full glass of champagne ready for toasts and of course making sure the Father of the Bride knows he's up in 5 minutes to give his speech.  

  • Lisa is expertly trained to deal with any situation.

  • She will spend no more than 5 minutes eating her meal then back to work organising the night.

  • A friend is usually unprepared, unsure what to do, tends to focus on drinking, dancing, partying and socialising and can lose track of time restraints which leaves the last but still important event of the night, your 'First Dance' being pushed to 9.30pm when it should have happened at 8pm.

  • So, avoid the "wish we hired a professional" feeling post reception and book Lisa as your MC.

Inclusions as Celebrant and MC

  Lisa Laker, Authorised Civil Celebrant, will:

  • design and deliver your personalised wedding ceremony;

  • submit a draft copy of your ceremony for your approval with any amendments made at no extra cost; 

  • Creating and providing a complete Run Sheet for the Reception in consultation with the Couple

  • Complete contact and communication with the Couple on the night, as required

  • Complete co-ordination of your Wedding Reception including being the point of contact with Management and staff throughout the night, as well as co-ordination with anyone providing entertainment on the night or involved with the Reception (DJ, Band, Singers, Videographer or Photographer, etc)

  • have unlimited contact via telephone and/or emails;

  • have up to two meetings prior to your wedding day;

  • provide a souvenir copy of your ceremony and

  • prepare and lodge all the legal documentation to Births, Deaths and Marriages.

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